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Learn how to make a ton of graphics using Canva in minutes with your content! There's no more excuse for lack of posting on social that is on brand and serving your people! We're using the power of ChatGPT and Canva's free apps and hidden features in this training.

Bulk content creation happens that happens in minutes, and then we apply your brand styles for consistency and brand recognition. Free Canva templates are also included in this training!

Creating Content
Has Never Been Easier!

Well first you should know that I am a self-proclaimed multi-passionate creative and hardly a day goes by that I'm not creating somethingggg. And my first place to go is typically Canva!

After years of supporting female entreprenuers through creating visual content, websites and brands, I decided it's time to up the game and share what I know here on the wonderful world wide web so I can reach more people just like you! And fun fact, 99% of my adult life has been spent as an entrepreneur. So.. ya girl knows some things about just how much is required of us to do it allllll for our businesses.

Anytime I can save some time, I dive right in on exactly how to do it so I can get a little extra free time! And free time to me is always more fun like popping into a boutique before getting kids from school or taking a power walk with a gal pal!

This training will earn you SO much more free time and get your mind running with new ideas that are easy to incorporate into work day.

Why am i qualified to teach you this?

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