You’re putting in way too many hours and there is not enough time to even breathe.

Income is limited by your availability to take on more projects.

You’re stuck on the hamster wheel of one-to-one services and you’re exhausted.

does this sound familiar...

Like me, I’m sure you started your business to make some extra cash on the side or get away from corporate.

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Get this, it's a COMPLETE start-to-finish program to help you build Showit templates and launch your own template shop, MINUS the mega overwhelm and endless research!


revolving revenue

well then, let me introduce you to

xo, Tori

Joining RR has been one of the best investments of my entire business. As someone who mainly enjoys the "fun stuff" and not the nitty gritty, down to business, behind the scenes stuff, this was like someone was holding my hand the entire time, walking me from step to step, ensuring I'm getting the whole process done right!

In my experience...

Questions you might have...

What convinced you to join Revolving Revenue?

You know the saying "sell them what they want and give them what they need" ?? That's literally this course. I initially joined for all the assets they provide and thought I can figure it out after that.. But wow. I had no idea how much goes into a template shop and they cover it ALL + more.

Did Revolving Revenue meet your expectations?

Not only did Revolving Revenue meet my expectations, it blew them out of the water! Seriously! I thought I could figure this all out on my own, but after getting inside the program, their level of attention to detail, process and literally everything is SO MUCH MORE than I could have done on my own!  I literally joined because of all the done for you assets. But once inside, I realized this program was worth more than I paid and honestly the best course I've ever purchased!

What was your favorite thing about the program?

At first my favorite thing was all the done for you assets. Seriously, it felt like Christmas every time I would open another lesson / module. But after designing my first template their review of it was so valuable. Real feedback from the true professionals was priceless! And not to mention Sam and Rachel take so much time to make sure you're getting the help you need! No question goes unanswered!

How did RR compare against other courses you have taken?

Let me just preface this by saying that im a serial course taker. I have issues. lol But RR is on an entirely different level than anything else I have ever taken. But Sam and Rachel don't stop there... they have continued to build, expand, grow and they just keep pouring into us in so many ways. They overshare everything in their business - something I have never experienced before. 

Was it worth the investment?

RR is definitely an investment. It took me awhile to pull the trigger. But it's hands down the BEST money I have ever spent in my business. Seriously, Sam and Rachel could be charging 5x what they are for the amount of content, support and 1:1 they provide in this program. 

How long did it take you to get through?

The longest part is actually building your templates. As far as getting through the bulk of RR, I was done with the content in about 2 weeks. And I ACTUALLY finished it for once! It took me about a month to finish up my templates (I went back and polished them up after their "Designing for Resale module") and another two weeks to build MY shop and put all the systems in place. 

You can get a KNOCKOUT shop just like mine!

The best part?

Plus, everything they include, you can get templates built in record time, no joke! Check out their Canvas Kit that we get exclusively inside RR to build templates.

And a few templates I created

View Template

View Template

View Template

They have this thing called Build-It-Better Bonuses to keep you moving forward with with the build and launch process! Here are just a few of my faves!

and wow, their perks!


You can book a 1:1 private coaching call with Sam + Rachel to talk through the details of your shop or get a second opinion on templates. 

1:1 LIVE Audit with Sam & Rachel!


Building templates takes time, but I was able to get it done WAY faster with their famous Commercial Use Canvas Kit with resale privileges. 

Canvas Kit for Template Building


The ClickUp build and launch SOPs were a life saver when it came to creating a rinse and repeat system for my templates and shop launches.

ClickUp Build and Launch Checklists



“This tool will give you a better idea of how much to charge with taxes, savings, and sales goals in mind.” - Kasandra, The Humble Lion

Trying to scale and grow your business without cloning yourself is hard. As one-on-one service providers, capacity is a very real constraint.

Are you wondering how RR could transform your business? 


                             Before you decide to offer templates, you need to know how to price them and where do they fit into your offer suite so you can increase profitability and scale. Minus the stress of signing on clients all the time.

Learn more about Revolving Revenue  and join me inside! 


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