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Entrepreneurs and personal brands - this is for you! We're saying goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a new website launched without worry! Sure, anyone can throw together a website these days. But to truly stand out in the digital arena, you need a site that's uniquely you—one that's polished, professional, and oh-so-enticing. That’s where Your Website Workbook comes in!

Inside you'll find the same questions and prompts I ask my own clients when working on their design projects!

The full Guide to launching your new website

Do i have to use showit for this workbook?

Nope! While Showit is my website platform of choice, it's not required to use this. The workbook will take you through a design process, the copy prompts for necessary pages and checklist of what you'll need for design and launching your website.

How Quickly can i get through this workbook?

That's up to you and how motivated you are! If you're ready to hit it hard and get it done, then I'd set aside a week to fully customize your site including copy! Otherwise, take your time and be thorough so you get it right the first time!


NO! But if you're going to DIY your website, then it's beneficial to have some tech knowledge, or be the type of person that loves to figure things out and understand for yourself how to make all the things work together!


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Hey, let me spill the tea: This isn't just any workbook. It's the secret sauce I serve up to my clients when we dive deep into their brand and website revamps. I thought that everyone deserves to have some hand holding along the way when going through a big DIY website project.

I am a self-proclaimed multi-passionate creative and hardly a day goes by that I'm not creating something. And my design project of choice is websites. Fun fact, 99% of my adult life has been spent as an entrepreneur. So.. ya girl knows some things about just how much is required of us to do it allllll for our businesses.

This workbook will nudge, prompt, and guide you through each and every page you need to create. So when it's go-time, you'll launch not just a website, but a gorgeous home on the world-wide-web.

Why Did I make this?

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Your website is your digital home, it's more than a virtual handshake and certainly more than a digital business card. It's where most people go to make the final decision into booking your service or buying from you. When you're going through the process of elevating your online presence, you'll want to do it right the first time. We're simplifying the process of planning and launching your website with all the goodness inside. The best part of this is, you don't have to wait! You will get the workbook delivered right to your email.

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