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Filed in ShutterChic, Website Design — February 17, 2021

How Easy Is It To Update A Showit Website? Watch Here!

Website Design

If website updates are overwhelming to you.. I’m sorry! There are so many things to know when it comes to websites, all the different platforms, what should go where, how to make x do y and so on!

With Showit, you have full control of your site design and updates are EASY!

I recorded this video of making some simple text and color updates for you to see just how easy Showit is!

Updating colors and text is a breeze! You simply go to the canvas you want to edit, click on the element and make your changes! I’ve been using Showit for TEN years and the freedom and flexibility to make changes whenever and to whatever is AMAZING! It’s by far my favorite website platform!

If you have questions about using Showit, please contact me below! One of the favorite services I offer is customizations for Showit website templates as well as custom Showit sites!

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