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Filed in At Home, Personal — April 29, 2016

Nursery Tour


I’m excited to be sharing this with you today! It’s something we’ve been working on since we found out we were expecting and I am due on Sunday (as in 2 days from now!) I’m not the type to wait around to get things done- I’m more of a “let’s do that right NOW” type of girl! Of course it started with a Pinterest board of inspiration and I had a general color scheme in mind.

Gray. Always gray! And I’m not ashamed by that! I thought that doing a light gray, charcoal, white and copper would be pretty and doing an accent of dark teal for a boy or blush for a girl would be nice! Over time I just opted for the grays, white and the copper. We found out we’d be having a boy and I knew that all the toys and little things would add color to the room naturally. (I have to admit- all the colors/themes of baby stuff make me wanna gag sometimes. Long live neutrals!)

The Peg Board- The nursery used to be my office. I knew I wanted to use the peg board in the nursery before it was even installed in my office. I loved how it was used before and how it’s transformed into one of the focal points in our little guys room! It used to be white with gold baskets but it got a complete makeover!

I knew I wanted to do something “non-baby” themed so we’d have a room he could grow into over time. So no baby blue for this one! I always joked that my kids’ nursery would have a black wall.. And this got pretty close!


Cutest little diapers you’ve ever seen!

We (I) decided to go with a geometric theme. I went out shopping one day and got really lucky to find some killer geometric design pieces!

I got advice to get a more than just a “rocking chair.” Took a chance ordering this chair from Wayfair and it worked out! It rocks, swivels and reclines! In my searching I discovered it’s rare to fine that!

Got these sweet bandana bibs from a friend at my baby shower! They are from Copper Pearl!

Peg Board + Baskets: Home Depot

Frames: The Chic Shop Co.

Rocking Chair: Wayfair

Crib: Target

Rug: Target

Geometric Decor: Hobby Lobby and Home Goods

Arrow String Art: The Boling Project –

Dresser: American Furniture


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