You can chat in DM's, have lots of likes, tons of followers and a great content, but what happens when potential clients go to your website? Are they getting the same feeling from your website as they do in your stories? Is your website helping them take the final step in working with or buying from you? Let's make it all cohesive!

I help female entrepreneurs and influencers level-up their online presence with Showit website design. I've personally used Showit for over 10 years and it is the ultimate in website freedom! A home on the internet that's working for you and attracting those clients you want!

you know it's time to connect the content and elevate your brand!

A website that works for you is closer than you think!

showit website design

The process is pretty simple so we can get your brand looking fresh, elevated and attracting the clients you want!

How It Works

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Step One

I've got questions and I'm sure you do too! Book your onboarding call so that we can talk about your upcoming project.

Book a call.

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Let's get all the boring, but important, stuff out of the way so we can get this party started! 

Contract, Invoice & Questionnaire

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The official kick off party of your project. This call is short but will make sure we have all the content we need to start the project! 

Kick-Off Call with Tori

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I'll begin the design work and launch your new online presence is gonna be fresh, shiny, and ready to attract your dream clients!

Project Start to Finish


i'd love 


The Offers

This is ideal for minor updates to your site, adding a sales page, updating design elements or imagery.

design day

The brand needs an update, refresh, makeover, or you're starting a new biz. Yay you! This process includes brand and logo design as well as website.

brand Suite + website

Pass on the waitlist and get your design done! I use gorgeous Showit templates by Northfolk! These are fully customized to fit your brand and you'll love it! If you already have another Showit template, I can customize it too!

VIP WEEK - Template Customization

This process includes a brainstorming process, concepts and revisions. Final brand board with logo, mark, fonts and brand colors included.

Semi-custom website design includes a fully customized and installed template from the Northfolk template collection.

SEO Audit of existing site.

One month follow-up support.

What's included in the Brand and website design?

Starting at $5500

Includes 7 hours of time to design or make updates on your site.

This is ideal for minor updates to your site.

Adding a sales page, updating design elements or imagery. Also great for site launch or blog set up.

What's included in the design day?


Pick a week that works best for you! Content prep will be completed before project starts.

Project strategy call to review content and start project.

Includes 6 pages or 4 pages with a blog customized with templates from the Northfolk template collection.

2 weeks of follow-up support.

What's included in the VIP WEEK?


Client features

Showit is easy, you totally could! But if not, I'm here.

Think you might want to DIY it instead?

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